Campaign Name: 12 Days of Comfort
Company: Humphrey Heating & Air
Address: 181 Piney Green Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28546
Telephone: (910) 347-7133

Humphrey Heating & Air, will conduct “12 Days of Comfort” substantially as described in these
rules and by participating, each participant agrees as follows:


    1. Description of “12 Days of Comfort”: The purpose of “12 Days of Comfort” is to find homeowners who are in need in Eastern North Carolina that currently have no heating or cooling due to an inoperative/non-repairable system.
    2. Dates of “12 Days of Comfort”: “12 Days of Comfort” will kick off with a pre-promotion on December 1st and the pre-promote will end December 13th, 2023. The promotion will then begin on December 14th and will end on December 25th, 2023. One winner will be announced
      on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024.
    3. How to Submit an Entry as a Deserving Recipient: You may enter yourself or for someone you know that needs a heating and air system in their home. Applicants will provide in writing how a new HVAC system would improve each of the 12 days of Christmas for them. Only one submission per person, as 12 Days of Comfort is based on the reasons provided and need, not by the total number of entries received. There is only 1 way to enter: visit our website at www.rivernc.com (fill out online and submit).
    4. How is the Winner Chosen and Announced:
      a. A 12 Days of Comfort committee will select (1) winner from the entries received between December 14th and December 25th, 2023, and the (1) winner will be announced to the public on January 2nd, 2024.
      b. If the winner cannot be contacted within 48 hours of the announcement or it is determined by Humphrey Heating & Air that the selection does not qualify, committee reserves the right to determine an alternate recipient.
    5. Gift:
      a. One new heating and air system, Carrier Heat Pump System 14.3 SEER, (does not include duct work) will be awarded to (1) eligible recipient:
      I. One Carrier Heat Pump System 14.3 SEER will be installed by Humphrey Heating & Air at the
      (1) winners (recipients) home.
      ii. Installation to be performed during normal business hours and is based on scheduling
    6. Eligibility and Limitations:
      a. Participants must be U.S. residents, and reside in Eastern North Carolina, be at least 18-years old, be the owner of the home on the application, must be living in the home, and home must have existing ductwork. Homeowner must provide/prove in writing how a new HVAC
      system would improve each of the 12 days of Christmas for them. Rental property is not eligible.
      b. Each recipient must submit proof of eligibility and home ownership.
      c. Employees of Humphrey Heating & Air, “12 Days of Comfort” and their advertising agencies, and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. The term “immediate family” includes spouses, siblings, parents, children, grandparents, and grandchildren, whether as “in-laws,” or by current or past marriage(s), remarriage(s), adoption, co-habitation or other family extension, and any other persons residing at the same household whether or not related.
    7. Publicity / Use of Personal Information: By participating, all participants and recipient(s) grant Humphrey Heating & Air, exclusive permission to use their names, characters, photographs, voices, and likenesses in connection with promotion and waive any claims to royalty, right, or remuneration for such use. By participating in “12 Days of Comfort”, participants agree that Humphrey Heating & Air may disclose personal information obtained from
      participants in “12 Days of Comfort” to third parties and use such information for marketing and other purposes.
    8. Release: By participating, each participant and recipient waives any and all claims of liability against Humphrey Heating & Air, its employees and agents, “12 Days of Comfort” sponsors and their respective employees and agents, for any personal injury or loss which may occur from the
      conduct of, or participation in, 12 Days of Comfort, or from the use of any awarded system. In order to receive a system, participants must sign an official waiver form provided by Humphrey Heating & Air.
    9. Decisions: By submitting an application in “12 Days of Comfort”, participants agree to be bound by the decisions of Humphrey Heating & Air personnel. Humphrey Heating & Air reserves the right to disqualify any participant and may refuse to award a system to a person who is ineligible or who Humphrey Heating & Air believes has violated any rule, gained unfair advantage in participating in “12 Days of Comfort”, or obtained winner status using fraudulent means. Humphrey Heating & Air will interpret these rules and resolve any disputes, conflicting claims or ambiguities concerning the rules; and the Humphrey Heating & Air decisions concerning such disputes shall be final. If the conduct or outcome of “12 Days of Comfort” is affected by human error, any mechanical malfunctions or failures of any kind, intentional interference or any event beyond the control of Humphrey Heating & Air. Humphrey Heating & Air reserves the right to terminate “12 Days of Comfort” or make such other decisions regarding the outcome as Humphrey Heating & Air deems appropriate at any time during “12 Days of Comfort”. All decisions will be made by Humphrey Heating & Air and are final. Humphrey
      Heating & Air may waive any of these rules in its sole discretion.
    10. Miscellaneous:
      a. No purchase necessary to apply or qualify.
      b. Humphrey Heating & Air disclaims any responsibility to notify participants of any aspect related to the conduct or results of “12 Days of Comfort”.
      c. All entries become the property of Humphrey Heating & Air and will not be returned.
    11. The “12 Days of Comfort” program may be cancelled at any time without any prior
      warning or notification if in the Humphrey Heating & Air management’s sole opinion; it’s
      the best decision for the campaign.